SRA GP is a Southern California based Grand Prix style off-road motorcycle racing club founded in 1970.  In 1984 Don Suitor acquired SRA which was then co-managed by Don, Rich, and Cathy Suitor.

In 2009, Rich and Cathy Suitor took over full management of the club to keep the sport alive! They both grew up with SRA in fact, Rich and Cathy met through the club when Rich was 15 years old and Cathy was 13 years old. It has been a big part of their lives ever since.


As a family organization, the Suitors take great pride in organizing and planning each race. Course layouts are different for every race, yet safe and challenging for all skill levels. Racers vary in age from 6 to 75 years old, from beginner to pro levels.

Race Track Information

Races are currently held at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino.  Races are Grand Prix style which means the track has a motor cross section as well as some off-road terrain.  Each race is 45 minutes in length.

Race Categories

We break our skill levels into categories of expert, amateur, novice, and beginner.

SRA race classes are organized as follows:

  • Vets- this class is for ages 30+ all skill levels
  • Seniors- this class is for ages 40+ all skill levels
  • Super Seniors-this class is for ages 50+ all skill levels
  • Super Senior 60+ -this class is for ages 60+ all skill levels
  • Legend 70+- this class is for ages 70+ all skill levels
  • 450cc for bike sizes 300cc for more/any age
  • 250cc- for bikes sizes 250cc /any age
  • 125cc-for bike sizes 125cc-200cc/any age
  • Super mini-bike sizes 150cc/any age
  • 85cc- bike size 85cc/any age
  • 65cc-bike size 65cc/any age
  • 50cc- bike size 50cc/any age
  • Women- any bike size for women only